Passion Play Oberammergau 1934


  • Original 300th year anniversary poster (1634 – 1934)
    Passion Play Tercentenary Oberammerga.
    “Germany Invites You!”
         The year 1934 marked the tricentennial of the Oberammergauer passion play. The original title of the play, performed at Pentecost was, “Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ”. 
         This original poster shows the mountains surrounding the village from which rises a cross bathed in light. The posters intended for distribution abroad carrises the title, “Germany Calling you”.
    The 1943 anniversery presentation  of the Passion Play, with several additional performances, drastic reduction of admission fees and specially reduced price railroad tickets, gathered over 440,000 spectators from German and abroad.
         This, like all our posters, is an Original Vintage Poster, not a reproduction.


    Condition, fine to very fine.


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