*Moscow Theater Festival, 1934 (piano)


  • Original Moscow Theatre Poster (1934). September 1-10th, 1935

    (Originally Produced for the 1934 season but then modified for the 1935 festival). A good example “westernization” that Intourist underwent in the 1930s to attract foreign visitors. They rightfully understood that the prevailing European artistic trend of Art Deco would be more appealing to potential tourists than social realism. The relationship of the piano keyboard and the columns at the theatre’s entrance is an excellent approach to the graphic idea of positive and negative space and reminds one of the famous French poster for Pianos Daude from 1926, featuring a very similar, overhead view of a man at the piano. However, this Soviet spin-off takes the idea much farther. The white and black keys on the piano keyboard echo the columns of the concert hall and the straight folds of the background curtains. The entire image is slightly tilted to further catch the eye and the typography is clear and simple. Although Intourist was originally set up as a purely commercial venture, it played an important role in Soviet cultural diplomacy.

    P. 56, Affiches Art Deco Measures approximately 40.5″ x 28″


    Repairs, framed


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