About Us

A warm welcome to our website! As you can see, it is still in its building stage; pricing, attributions and descriptive text are still in development. Even with the website in unfinished condition, it is gratifying that posters have already started selling to avid collectors in Europe and America.  You are welcome to sign up for the newsletter, the first one of which will announce the readiness of the finished website.

The Grand Tour offers the largest single collection of fine vintage and antique posters on the internet. It is the result of over 40 years of collecting on my part, with the addition of many further treasures consigned to the website by other collectors, in anticipation of its opening.

With my lifelong study of the history of art and early recognition that paintings, even of the 20th century, had all but priced themselves out of reach, I increased my collecting of posters, already years underway from haunting antique and poster shops, with the distinct advantages of arriving relatively early, before the successive waves of interest in posters began to empty these shops of the best examples. With the proliferation of the Internet in the 1990s, the attics and basements of the world found an audience and a medium that today has all but consumed the remaining available stock of vintage posters. So much so that people are relying upon modern reproductions at, often, remarkably, prices approaching those of the originals!

What I have found over the years is that there is a great love for this medium, some for travel posters, some for militaria, and every other, even the most arcane type and style of posters. And these collectors are remarkably well informed and generous with their intelligence on their respective specialties. I have surely learned as much from years of correspondence with these aficionados as from my own independent study and I am grateful for the community of these gentlemen connoisseurs, a far better source of information than the self-styled experts from whose blogs it is only a short distance to the commercial interests they represent.

I hope you will find my remarks throughout this website useful, informative and ever candid. My inventory is limited to what I personally endorse for my clients. My opinions will not always reflect the conventional wisdom because I eschew fashion and fads. Novelty for its own sake holds no fascination for me. I understand the word “classic” to mean one thing, “that which is proven good by time”, and what you will find in these pages is exactly that, the indisputably classic. The best investment is in the best quality and beauty you can afford. The continuous rise in the price of posters for the entirety of the last century bears this out.

Kindest regards,
Sevan Minasian